Where Art Meets Adventure!

Get Messy

Don’t worry about the mess-we’ve got it covered. Throw that paint, get it on you, don’t hold back your creativity and have fun!

Unique Adventure

Come as you are and express yourself through paint.  Each experience will be a unique one.


Our fun loving team puts their all into ensuring every guest has a blast


Everyone is welcome at Rainbow Rush Art. Our team enjoys meeting new people and we strive to ensure that each member of your party will enjoy their experience and become part of our kinetic arts family.


Rainbow Rush Art is a unique, art entertainment experiencewhere we focus on the fun and adventure of process art.We offer kinetic process painting options to kids and adultsof all ages in a space designed to encourage creativity and fun.Guests will be able to experience the adventure of Processart through splatter painting, fluid motion painting, orthrough one of our kids programs. Painting experiencesare easy to do and results will vary at each session.


At the Rainbow Rush Kids Art Program, your child will have a blast painting without brushes, working with textures, exploring different perspectives and just have a great time experiencing the adventure of process art. Join one of our programs hosted at various locations in South Jersey.



Adults and kids of all ages have a blast at our Splatter Paint events. Throw the paint on canvas, wood frames or other surfaces to create original and playful works.  Bring your friends for a private party or join solo at one of our scheduled events.  Splatter painting can be a great office team building event bringing lots of laughter and playfulness to each group.  Participants are provided two projects per event or a group can choose to do a large team painting.


Join us for a Fluid Pour Painting workshop or create your own private painting event with friends. Fluid Pour Painting is a fun and relaxing process that includes different techniques for pouring fluid paint to create beautiful abstract patterns on canvasses, tiles, or other surfaces. The excitement of this process is exploring the beauty and movement of the paint. No two pieces are the same and every project is a new adventure. Our workshop includes a demonstration of technique, mixing the paints and includes two pieces for your exploration.


Let us bring the painting to your venue (outdoor tents with walls provided or inside table/chairs provided). Events can be booked for splatter painting, glow-in-the-dark splatter painting, tie-dye party or a canvas paint party,

    Participants will be provided with all supplies, smocks, head covers and safety goggles.  Participants are encouraged to wear clothing that can get messy, just in case.

    No worries we clean up and take the mess with us!

    A signed liability waiver is required for all participants