Exploding Pastel Heart

What message explodes from your heart for your loved one.  Using stencils and pastels always brings a smile.  This is a fun, tactile experience for all ages.


Black and white construction paper

Chalk pastels

Making the Exploding Pastel Heart

1) Cut a heart from the white piece of construction paper to use as a stencil. 

2) Place the stencil on the black construction paper.  You will need to hold the stencil still while you use the pastels.  For little ones, you can roll tape and lightly place it on the underside of the stencil in several places to help hold it in place.

3) Color with the chalk pastels with an outward stroke making sure to cover the edges against the stencil to maintain its shape.



4) Rub your fingers across the chalk to blend it, sweeping outwards towards the edge of the paper. Remove the stencil

5) Write your message of love in the center of the heart.