Marbled Hearts

 This is a great sensory project for the family.  Kids love to play with the shaving cream and see the paint results.  


Dollar store wooden hanging heart

Thick white paper

Tempera paints (red, pink, white, and purple)

a skewer stick or thin paintbrush handle

Foam shaving cream

Foil roasting pan and cover

Squeegy or piece of cardboard short than the width of the pan

Surface cover (I used a padded plastic table cover and craft paper)


Making the Marbled Hearts

Be sure to cover your workspace to keep it clean. Because kids love to play in the shaving cream, I recommend letting them play with it before you add the paint so that they can have satisfaction with less mess. My daughter insisted on squirting the shaving cream herself so I recommend a backup canister in case your child breaks the mechanism on the canister.

1) Spray the foam shaving cream in the bottom of the roasting pan.  Spread it around for an even coating that fills the bottom of the pan. 

2) Squirt the paint in the shaving cream in spots here and there.  Changing out colors as you see fit.

3) Using the skewer stick swirl the paint vertically and horizontally.  Be mindful not to overmix the paint into the shaving cream or the colors will get muddy and won’t have as nice of a marble appearance.


4) Take the wooden heart and place it face down in the shaving cream.  Be sure to press it down in all areas to ensure the paint adheres all over.  

5) Lift the heart and place it in the lid of the roasting pan.  

6)  Use the squeegy or the cardboard piece to swipe the shaving cream off.  Be sure to place the edge tight to the surface and keep it tight as you pull across the heart. Let the piece dry.

7) Repeat the process above using the paper.

8) Once the paper dries, cut out heart shapes.


This process art project is so much fun and easily washable.  Use the paper hearts for Valentines or to further decorate the hanging wood heart.  This sensory-based painting is a huge hit with the kids and is great for their sensory development.  Hope you enjoy this one too!