Paper Bouquet

 This pretty paper flower bouquet is sure to warm the heart of your special someone.  This is a great craft for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, a special birthday, a teacher gift or to say I’m Thinking of You!  There are lots of ways to make pretty paper flowers.  This one is easy for kids and adults.


Construction paper – shades of green for the stems and color of choice for the paper wrap

Paper napkins

Small rubberbands (Hair or Loom bands)



Markers and Stickers for decorating

Making the Paper Bouquet

1) Take your napkin and cut along the folds so that you have separate square pieces

2)  Fold the napkin squares fan style, folding in opposite directions with each turn.



3)  Wrap a small rubberband around the middle of the folded napkin.

4) If using white napkins, consider coloring the tips of the folded napkin with a marker.  This will give your flower the look of a tinted carnation.

5) Take the edges from each side of the rubberband and separate the pieces and fluff them up.  Tease this out, curl the inner petals until you are happy with the look of your flower.

7) You can make the stems by rolling construction paper into a thin tube and cut off the excess paper.  You can also use a paper straw and color the straw with a marker.  You can also consider a pipe cleaner but this won’t be as stiff for the stems.

 8) Attach the stems to the flowers by pushing the stem through the rubberband.

9) To make the paper wrap for the bouquet, roll a piece of construction paper into a funnel.  You will need to trim the top corner to get this shape.  Tape the edges, preferably on the inside to hide the tape.

10) Decorate the funnel with stickers, drawings, and messages appropriate for the occasion.

11) Place your flowers with stems inside the funnel.

This flower bouquet is a sweet handmade gift.