Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Dip your child’s finger in the paint andThis is a sweet little keepsake for the special people in your life.  A fun way to spend time together with your little one, this bookmark will make them smile wide when they give this gift.


Red and white cardstock paper (construction paper can also be used)

Red watercolor paint

Cord – I used hemp twine but embroidery floss or yarn can also be used)


Glue stick

Making the Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

1) Cut the white and red papers to bookmark size with the red pice slightly larger than the white piece.

2) Mix the red watercolor paint in a paint pot or palette large enough for your little one to place a finger.

3) Dip your child’s finger in the paint and then place it on the white paper at an angle.

4) Dip your child’s finger in the paint and then place it on the paper overlapping with the first one at the opposite angle to form a heart.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 to fill the sheet with several hearts. 

6) When the fingerprints dry thoroughly, adher the white piece of paper on top of the red one using a glue stick. .


7) At the top of the piece, make a hole with the holepunch.

8) Fold the cord in half and feed it through the hole.

9) Pull the ends through the loop and then make a knot.


Your loved one will cherish this special keepsake.  Look how sweet these little hearts are.