Tie-Dye Hearts

  Since February typically keeps us inside, I try to keep the typically messier process art projects on a small scale to keep the mess contained while we do them in my kitchen.  Everyone loves tie-dye projects and this one is no exception.    


Paper towels

Tempera paints (red, pink, white, and purple)

Paint palette or ice cube tray

Syringe (I kept these medicine syringes that came with every kid’s medicine prescribed over the years and they are perfect for this)

Foil roasting pan and cover

Making the Tie-Dye Hearts

1) Cut the heart shapes out of the paper towels

2) Fold the hearts like a fan.

3) Fold it in half. You can also roll it into a ball which I did one this way below.

4) Wrap rubber bands around it to keep the ball together. 


5) In your paint palette or ice cube tray, place a couple of drops of paint in each compartment, then fill the compartment with water and mix.  


6)  Using the syringe, pick up the paint and squirt it onto a section of the paper towel. Use different colors for each section to see the tie-dye effect. Be sure to flip it over to ensure full coverage.


7) Let the paper towels dry thoroughly and then remove the rubber bands to reveal your tie-dye hearts. 

Have fun experimenting with different folds and different colors to make different patterns.  The fun is in the process!  Every heart will be different making this so exciting to reveal the results.