Torn Paper Hearts

 This is a great way to use up some scrap papers and the final result gives a bold impact. Have fun tearing the paper and playing with the layout of the papers and colors.  Each heart will be different.  This is a great project that your child can pick up on their own very easily.


Scrap paper – multi colors

Contruction paper – 2 pieces, white

Glue stick


Making the Torn Paper Heart

1) Fold one of the white construction papers in half lengthwise. 

2) Cut out a heart shape from the paper


3) Tear lengths of scrap paper and lay them to cover the other white contstruction page.



4) With the glue stick, glue the torn pieces of paper to the white paper.  Be sure to layout the pieces to completely cover the white page paying particular attention to the center areas.

5). Overlay the paper with the cutout heart on top of the torn papers using a glue stick.

The process is a simple one that can be applied to a lot of template shapes.  Your child will love tearing the papers and watching this one unfold.