Watercolor Hearts

  Your child will love watching the color spread across these pretty little hearts on the page.  So simple yet so satisfying. Perfect for making Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones.   


Hot Glue Gun

Tempera paints (red, pink, white, and purple)

Paint palette or ice cube tray

Paint Brush with long soft bristles

Thick paper for watercolor painting

Making the Watercolor Hearts

1) Using the hot glue gun, make the heart shapes on the watercolor paper. Use different sizes and shapes and offset them in different positions for an interesting layout.

2)  Remove any glue strings inside the hearts as they will interfere with the flow of the paint.


3) In your paint palette or ice cube tray, place a couple of drops of paint in each compartment, then fill the compartment with water and mix.  


4)  With the paintbrush, use water to wet the inside of the hearts.

5) Fill the paintbrush with paint and then touch inside the hearts.  Watch the color spread to fill in the shape.  As the water is absorbed you can add more paint to darken the colors but be mindful not to brush too much and risk oversaturating the paper. 

7) Let the paint dry thoroughly. 

8) Write a personalized note to make your Valentine’s Day cards.