14 Days of Valentine’s Day Crafts

Love is in the air here at Rainbow Rush Art.  I am excited to share these Valentine’s Day crafts over the next 14 days.  Following the long, gray, rainy month of January Valentine’s Day is a welcome sight to warm our hearts.  Spend some quality time with your loved ones being creative for a date night, Galentine’s Day, or family time.

Day 1.  Wax Heart Suncatcher

Since today, February 1st was the first time we got to see the sun in a while, I thought this wax heart suncatcher was the perfect way to start the series.  Catch that sunshine and hold on to it with this warm and enchanting ornament.

Day 2.  Love Chain

People all over the world – join hands, start a Love Chain, a Love Chain! My apologies to The O’Jays but I couldn’t resist playing with the lyrics. But now this song will play in my head for days.  This classic paper garland or paper chain is a must.  So many ways to make it your own,

Day 3.  Yarn Xs, Os and Hearts

These yarn ornaments are as warm as hugs and kisses. This simple project results in these soft tactile 3-dimensional ornaments.

Day 4.  Kissing Love Bugs

Loving on these love bugs!  So much fun for the kids!

Day 5.  Splatter Paint Hearts

Back to our core with this splatter paint heart. This is a small-scale entry project to splatter painting with your child.   Small brushes and small paint area keep the mess to a minimum.  Don’t be afraid – jump in and give it a try.  

Day 6. Marbled Hearts

This is such a fun sensory experience.  The kids love painting with shaving cream! It results in a fantastic marbled effect on your surface.    Be a hero in your house with this super fun tactile experience.

Day 7. Tie-Dye Hearts

Who doesn’t love a good tie-dye project?  The fun is in the process itself with a big surprising reveal in the end.  Every heart will be unique.  

Day 8. Watercolor Hearts

Your kids will love making Valentine’s Day cards for family members with this sweet and simple painting.

Day 9. Paper Bouquet

Send this sweet handmade paper bouquet to a special someone.  

Day 10. Torn Paper Heart

This is a fun project with a bold colorful impact. 

Day 11. Exploding Heart

Feels the love bursting from this chalk pastel stencil heart.  

Day 12. Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

How wonderful to keep your little one’s thumbprint heart as a bookmark to always keep with you.  This is a sweet gift for mom, dad or grandma.  

Day 13. Foil Milagro Heart

Milagro hearts are a beautiful Mexican tradition.  These hearts hold so much symbolism and you can create your own symbols and traditions with this project.  They are great way to share your love with someone special.

Day 14. Cloud Dough Hearts 

These little sweet hearts will light up anyone’s day!  Keep them plain and simple or decorate like sugar cookies or like candy sweethearts with little messages of love.